Melissa Ceja

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"I Believe in taking chances"- Melissa ceja

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MELISSA CEJA, 24 years old. Born and raised in Southern California, full Mexican. At the age of 22, decided to pursue her dream in modeling. Self managed and self motivated, she successfully launched her own career by getting herself published in numerous publications such as Maxim, becoming West Coast Hooters Miss March 2013, Kaboom Magazines Miss June 2013 (Girl of the Month) Straight A's Magazine, Revolucion Magazine, Hot Bike Magazine, becoming Mansion Fights, located in West Hollywood's official ring card girl and more. With a separate dream of owning her own business, she landed a job doing bottle service at one of the pools at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. After only a month of working at the pool and commuting back and forth from California to Nevada, she was then promoted to work at Hakkasan Night Club at MGM doing bottle service (model cocktail server) Gladly moving to Las Vegas full time, still with full of intentions of furthering her modeling career, she successfully owns her own corporation, plans on building her business, plans on continuing to work as a Hakkasan Honey and is now getting involved in film. "I plan on doing big things, so look out for me" "Watch me do it all" - Melissa Ceja